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hon ultimate bravery

Ultimate Bravery - Heroes of Newerth Random Character Generator

Character: Keeper of the Forest
Boots: Steam Boots
Item 1: Doombringer  
Item 2: Wingbow 
Item 3: Codex 
Item 4: Barrier Idol 
Item 5: Kuldra's Sheepstick 

Keeper of the Forest with Steam Boots, Doombringer, Wingbow, Codex, Barrier Idol and Kuldra's Sheepstick

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Bonus Characters:

Sand Wraith with Plated Greaves, Runed Cleaver, Riftshards, Energizer, Puzzlebox and Genjuro

Master of Arms with Plated Greaves, Barbed Armor, Ring of Sorcery, Frostburn, Genjuro and Iron Shield

Succubus with Post Haste, Codex, Shrunken Head, Restoration Stone, Riftshards and Elder Parasite

Legionnaire with Ghost Marchers, Magic Armor, Null Stone, Charged Hammer, Frostfield Plate and Spellshards

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